Community Solutions is a community resource, which involves local people to meet local need. They support, resource and empower individuals, to improve their health, economic status and emotional wellbeing.

Through face to face interaction and relationship building, they focus on personal strengths to achieve holistic outcomes. Through a variety of support routes, such as social groups, counselling and training, their ethos that everyone deserves to be happy, healthy and the best them that they can be, really resonated with us and helped us to shape this project.

The clue is in the title. Community Solutions are embedded in the community, for the community. The organisation is about people and has become an essential resource in East Lancashire.

"We have been aware for a while that we don't talk about our successes as well as we could publicly. Developing this fantastic online resource with Freckle has allowed us to widen our reach and increase both participant and volunteer interaction. "


Community Solutions wished to enhance their presence both locally and further afield. With daily participant successes, they wanted to share real life stories, as well as promoting the services which they provide. They wished to enhance participant awareness, increase volunteer involvement and effectively promote themselves to potential supporters.


We developed a new web presence for Community Solutions, with a focus on people rather than just the services provided. Moving away from a site driven by what was available, we focused on how each of the organisations unique offerings supported real people in the local area. This 'story telling' approach met the needs of all the sites potential visitors from new participants to funders requiring company information..


Using images of participants, volunteers and staff, the website was built to feel very communal. Linking into Eventbrite, visitors were able to quickly and easily book onto training sessions and keep up to date with community events. Using a news blog provided the site with a regular update opportunity, to encourage return visits and enhance promotion.

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